Walking & Cycling

North Limburg is a fantastic region to discover by bike or on foot: 
Landscapes alternate quickly and there are few height differences. 
In the immediate vicinity you will find various cycling- and walking routes, where you 
can use the national cycling- and walking node network. 
But of course you can also compose your own route.
Our camper place is surrounded by nature. As soon as you leave our terrain,
you enter nature reserve De Weerdbeemden, with De Weerdbeemden, met
contiguous nature reserve De MusschenbergThis last nature area
magnificent view of the Meuse valley.

De Maas The river Maas itself is about 200 metres from the camper van site.

Hieronder vindt u 3 voorbeelden van uitgestippelde fietsroutes in de omgeving. Uiteraard kunt u ook zelf een knooppunten route samenstellen via de “knopen lopen Kesseleik link”:






Node planner ANWB:


Check the website www.visitnoordlimburg.nl voor zeer veel informatie betreffende bezienswaardigheden, activiteiten, wandelen, fietsen en nog veel meer! Tips in de omgeving:









Do you love Fishing and do you have a fishing licence?
Fishing is allowed at nature reserve De Weerdbeemden. You can also buy a fishing licence for 1 day or 1 week. visvergunning kopen voor 1 dag of 1 week.

If you want to enjoy nice trips, Kessel-Eik is the perfect operating base.

There are numerous picturesque villages in the area. First of all, of course Kessel, where Kasteel de Keverberg is located. This modernly restored castle is definitely worth a visit, and there are guided tours or you can take a walk through the castle and the castle garden on your own: https://kasteeldekeverberg.nl/

Ook Baarlo Baarlo is also worth a visit, this village has 4 castles and is therefore called the “Castle Village”.

On the other side of the Maas, opposite Baarlo (reachable via a ferry) is the village Steyl, also called "Monastery Village" because of several monasteries and monastery gardens.

Visit Panningen Visit Panningen for the nice terraces, restaurants, the cinema, a theatre performance or to go shopping (every Wednesday a busy weekly market is organized).

From Kessel-Eik you can also easily reach the large cities like Venlo en RoermondIn Roermond you will find Europe’s largest shopping outlet and an attractive city center with beautiful old buildings and cosy streets.

In short: if you are looking for a beautiful rural area with the possibility to make nice trips, you have come to the right address!