Facilities and general information

Our camper place offers the following facilities:

  • Electricity (at payment until 16A)
  • 3 toiletten, toiletpapier aanwezig (gratis)
  • 1 urinoir (gratis)
  • 2 wastafels (gratis)
  • 2 showers (€ 0,20 per minute)
  • 2 afwasplekken met warm en koud water (gratis)
  • Super WiFi via glasvezel (gratis)
  • Uitstortplaats (gratis)
  • Chemical toilet cleaning (free of charge)
  • Water tapping (fee payable, € 1.00 per 100 litres)
  • Onze camperplaats is gedurende de avond en nacht sfeervol verlicht middels diverse lantaarnpalen.
  • Camerabewaking is aanwezig.

Our camper pitches are all at least 10 metres long and 3 metres wide. The associated grass fields are also at least this size or larger.

Putting out your awning and camping furniture on the grass fields is permitted. Barbecue or fire is allowed (provided you coordinate this with your neighbours and do not cause any inconvenience or damage).

Please note our floor plan (online: https://cpkesseleik.nl/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Situatiekaart-hor-Maasstraat66_Kessel2701.pdf or at the entrance of our camper place) are trees drawn, so you can take into account the dish reception. Also on this map the location of the camper place indicated.

If you would like to view the camper site on arrival and choose a location, please call us so that we can grant you access. 

Honden (of andere huisdieren) zijn welkom, zonder betaling mits aangelijnd.

Voorzieningen omgeving:


Supermarkt Coop Kessel: Baarskampstraat 29, 5995 AT Kessel

Bakker Peeters Kessel: Baarskampstraat 44, 5995 AW Kessel

De Bondj Kessel (klus, tuin, dier): Baarskampstraat 4, 5995 AV Kessel

ATM Keverbergstraat 2, 5995 XW Kessel


Kasteel de Keverberg Kasteelhof 4 Kessel: https://kasteeldekeverberg.nl/ 

VVV Kessel: Kasteelhof 1A, 5995 BX https://www.visitnoordlimburg.nl   077-4622446

Sloepenverhuur Kessel website:  www.sloepverhuurlimburg.nl

Maashopper (rondvaarten) IVM CORONA GESLOTEN TOT 2022 website:https://maashopper.nl


Tandarts De Wit: Keverbergstraat 7, 5995 XW Kessel

Huisartsenpraktijk Kessel: Kerkplein 6, 5995 BA Kessel

Huisartsenpost Venlo: Professor Gelissensingel 20, 5912 JX Venlo0900 8818